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The old game, ready to be played again

A long time ago Habbo introduced FastFood. There were many online players and was always fun to play. However, a few years later it disappeared from Habbo. Until now! It has returned as The FastFood Game!

The game is build using a HTML5 canvas element and is using websockets as communication to our servers.

The game is free to play and it's free to get an API key. The user will always get the latest version of the game automatically.



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New to the game?

There is an TIP screen at the right where you can read how the game works. Just press 'Next tip'!



There is an automatically updated scoreboard available! You can reset all stats in the dashboard.



Let's say something cool! The game isn't just available in English! We also serve the game in 12 different languages! Check our API documentation for the correct language code.

  • - Danish
  • - Dutch
  • - English
  • - Finnish
  • - French
  • - German
  • - Italian
  • - Portuguese
  • - Russian
  • - Spanish
  • - Swedish
  • - Turkish

Is your language not yet available?  Contact us on discord and we'll add it!


Play international

Battle international! As an API holder, you can decide to let your players fight against the world! You will play with players from other websites.

When you battle to other players, you will see the country flag where they're from.

Almost no difference

When creating the game, the main focus was to copy the whole game and let it work just like the old Flash game.

The food splash animations and the angry (or happy!) faces on the guests their heads, are the same as in the original game. When you drop your food, it splashes on the table and the guests wont't look very happy! Test it out!


Music and sound effects

Just as you expected, The FastFood Game uses the exact same sound effects as the original game. When you splash your tomato soup, you will hear *SPLASH*, but, if you're lucky you'll get a star.



Do you like halloween? We do! The FastFood Game currently has to two themes build in. The 'default' and 'halloween' theme! The owner of the application will decide which theme you will play.

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